GHHF Submitted a letter saying “TTD should initiate Ghar Waapasi” in 2020; Initiative Ghar Wapasi immediately; stop conversions; Stop appointing new converts to SriVari Seva; declare Tirupati as Sacred place.

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Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam organized three-day Dharmik Sadas with 62l Swamijis and Peetadhipatis in attendance to discuss various issues pertaining to the activities related to TTD, Hindu Dharma, Ghar Wapasi and spread the essence of Itihasasa and Puranas to all sections of people. 
TTD Chairman Bhumana Karunakar Reddy announced that Ghar Wapsi program will be initiated at the Lotus Feet of Sri Venkateswara Swamy in Tirumala with the sprinkling of Sacred Water ceremony,'  
Submitted a letter requesting TTD to initiate Ghar Wapasi in 2020.
GHHF submitted a lengthy letter to Sri S V Subba Reddy about the importance of Ghar Wapasi, about the declining of Hindu population, about the deceptive of Christians to lure the innocent Hindus all across India. No response was given, no action was taken.
 The letter is published in Savetemples, Bharatabharati and PGuru’s website.
One Muslim Boy Request is worth more than one BILLION Hindu Requests
TTD executive officer (EO) A V Dharma Reddy stated TTD to explore possibility of Muslim devotees rendering Srivari Seva. EO made this observation while reacting to a Muslim devotee from Naidupeta, Hussain Bhasha, asking him to give an opportunity to Muslim devotees.
According to Reddy, several devotees belonging to other faiths have been making donations to the deity while replying to Bhasha during the monthly dial your EO programme.
Launched in 2000, Srivari Seva is a voluntary service aimed at offering better services to pilgrims coming from far-flung parts of the country and the world. The services of Srivari Sevakulu (renderers of Srivari Seva) are utilized in over 60 areas of TTD, such as vigilance, health, annaprasadam, garden, medical, laddu Prasadam (consecrated food), temple, transport, kalyanakkatta, book stalls and others.
It is important to reflect and see how practical this proposal is going to be:
1)    Muslims are against Image worship, they can break the idols, spit on the food, etc.  Sharia indicated that it is their obligation to destroy the idols.
2)    Once they are appointed as Sevak, they will have access to 60 different areas on the Tirumala Hill and who is going to monitor their activities.
3)    Even if they are converted to Hindu Dharma, what guarantee do we have that they did not convert to Hinduism for other ulterior motive. 
4)    There must be several years waiting period for new converts to ensure that were serious about their conversion and practicing Hinduism.
5)    As we have seen that as many 15 percent of Christians are working at TTD with no guidelines to monitor them. 
6)    There are Christians roaming around on the Hill and trying to convert Hindus into Christianity ever as you read this article.
Donations of other faiths carry more weight than all the donations of Hindus.
According to Reddy, several devotees belonging to other faiths have been making donations to the deity while replying to Bhasha during the monthly dial your EO programme.
    Hindus, from a poor person to several Kings, have contributed money, jewelry, land and other valuables. They have donated with good faith that TTD would use their donations as per their wishes and enable Hindu activities supported. TTD sold serval acres donated to them for no good reason. 
    Why is it small donations from other religions take disproportionate importance? 
TTD has monumental work ahead if it is serious to undertake.
    GHHF is not opposed to Ghar Wapasi. In fact, we have submitted several letters about the importance of Ghar Wapsi and why we should start Gar Wapasi on a war footing.
    TTD should look at all the deceptive practices the Christians are doing to convert gullible Hindus.
    TTD should appoint thousands of Pracharak assigning them to villages across India to ensure that Hindus are not deceptively lured by Christians and others.
    TTD should make sure that our children are protected from conversion menace and stop the allurement. 
    TTD should first identify all the Christians working at TTD and remove them immediately to maintain the scaredness of Tirumala Hills.
    Also make sure TTD is free from the Christian missionaries working on the Hill.
    Declare Tirupati and Tirumala as Sacred place for Hindus like Mecca for Muslims and Vatican for Christians.
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