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Adopt a Temple – Preserve and Protect Hindu Culture

The one God wears many masks.  In no other religion does the Supreme Being wear so many masks and invite worship in so many different forms as the eternal religion of Hinduism. – Mythologist Joseph Campbell.

The Mandirs have to play a significant role in the growth of the Hindu community in terms of its capacity to uphold Hindu Dharma…” Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce “Adopt a Temple” project whereby all the Hindus, especially NRI’s in foreign countries, would have the rare opportunity to participate in the revival of our rich Hindu culture by preserving and protecting the Hindu Temples across India. Hindu Temples play vital role in bringing the whole village together through various programs such as conducting festivals, offering Anna Danam, participating in Satsangs, listening to lectures, encouraging folk cultural events, and numerous other activities. Hindu Temples used to be center of all village activities. By reviving this mindset and giving opportunity to revitalize the Temple culture, GHHF strongly feels the villages and neighborhoods in the cities can be rejuvenated and energized to take pride in our culture to practice and preserve our heritage.

Pledge form for Adopt a Temple program (Please email with the details below, if you are interested)

a.       Name of the person who wants to adopt

b.      Phone number

c.       Adoption Type ( ex : Rajagopuram , Dwajastambham etc )

d.      Village / City name

e.      Land owned by the temple ( Aalaya Bhoomi )

f.        History of the temple if any ( 100 words max )

g.       Contact person in the Village ( either Trustee or whoever wants to take the initiative )

h.      Pictures of the temple to upload

i.         Scroll to the right of the Adopt temple form with the names and villages already adopted.

j.        Progress of  some of the adopted temples.

Devaalayo Rakshati Rakshitaha – If you protect the Abode of God, it will protect you. Devaalayam is the cornerstone of Hindu religion; backbone of Vasudaive kutumbam (the whole universe is one family); it was the center of all activities in our villages and neighborhoods. Due to the lack of proper knowledge about the value of our Temples, due to our own ignorance and indifference, and mass exodus of educated youth to the cities and to the foreign countries, villagers have neglected the Temple allowing to dilapidation. After many years of living in big cities and foreign countries, it is shocking and stunning to see our Temples in near total neglect in many villages. We all fondly remember going to Temples with our mothers, doing archanas, smelling the agarabathi, recieving Sadagopuram, listening to the Bhajans, going around the Temple doing pradakshana, playing with friends, eating Mahaprasadam, and celebrate countless festivals. Now things have changed; our Temples are experiencing the benign neglect. Many of these Temples are in dire need of repairs and renovations. NRIs and the City dwellers have added responsibility to restore the richness of our Temple culture, and try to bring back the glory of “That Temple” we all fondly remember and reminisce. We all have to be part this movement to nourish the roots of Temple culture and nurture the righteous conduct.

Adopt a Temple project is a rare opportunity to all concerned Hindus to participate and help restore the somewhat faded glory of Hindu to it’s original glory that is unique to any culture.

One can undertake this project either in their own village/ neighborhood of the city or any other Temple they have a liking for.

By Adopting a Temple, you can help in any of the following ways to help revive Hindu Temples:

  1. Renovation of the Temple – gopuras, walls, painting, stabilize the structure, repairs etc.

  2. Reinstall the Murthies and do Pranaprathishta / Kumbabhishekam

  3. Construct Yaga salas

  4. Construct Annadana facilities

  5. Construct guest houses

  6. Construct restroom facilities

  7. Sponsor all the festivals for one or more years

  8. Sponsor Annadanam for all the festivals / selected festivals for one or more years

  9. Sponsor Annadanam every Sunday

  10. Sponsor Dhoopa Deepa Naivedyam

  11. Sponsor the salary for one or more priests for one or more years

  12. Sponsor a Cow

  13. Sponsor a goushala

  14. Sponsor Students at Veda Pattasalas

  15. Sponsor Electricity for one or more years.

  16. Or any other activity that restores Hindu Temple

This is rare opportunity to give back to the culture that made us what we are today. Let us revive our place of worship for our people who are eager, waiting and hoping to practice their faith. For more information please find the contact details below:


Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF)
14726 Harmony Lane, Frisco, Texas 75035, USA

Phone: 601-918-7111, 601-856-4783



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